Merging classes

Hi I have the same group for 2 languages, so had created 2 classes, one for French, one for German. I then saw there was the option to merge classes, which seemed like a good idea rather than having to monitor 2. So I did...but now it appears to have them all in that group only, all doing just German. Is there any way to undo this?! Or to clone the class and reinstate it as a separate French one? Agh Ali

October 23, 2015


Hi! You could create a new French class and move students into it. Would that solve the issue? Here are some instructions:

October 23, 2015

So, I'm not sure I understand; what were you hoping would happen when you merged classes? Because if you want to just have all students in one place, you could also change the merged classroom learning language to "no specific language," which may give you what you are after. :]

October 23, 2015

Hi vivisaurus Thank you for this suggestion - yes that worked. I didn't realise you didn't have to have a particular language specified. Brilliant, problem sorted :) Ali

October 27, 2015
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