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"Ella corre."

Translation:She runs.

4 years ago



Why can't this be translated as She is running?

4 years ago

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She is running = Ella está corriendo

3 years ago


But DL also accepted the present continuous with other verbs. "I am cooking" was accepted for "Yo cocino," although DL suggested "I cook" as an alternate translation.

Is there a difference with the verb correr, or is it that DL hasn't entered "is running" as an acceptable response?

3 years ago


Is/are (present tense verb) and (present tense verb) are different in spanish just like english

Is/are (present tense verb) = Estar iendo/ando

(Present tense verb) = ar, er, ir

I know Duolingo accepts things like "Yo cocino" as "I am cooking", but that is wrong and the correct thing to say would be "Estoy cocinando". "yo cocino" literally means "I (emphasizes on I) cook.

2 years ago


Is there a difference between corre and correr? I know they both mean run but why are they spelled differently if they mean the same?

2 years ago


不 不 不 。dear friend She is running:
Ella está corriendo

3 years ago