Verbs conjugaison

Hi. Please does anyone can explanate me how to conjugate verbs, at present, future, past, past continious... ( the different forms, when i should use -ing, -ed, ...) i have a big problem at this, i can't assimilate the different tenses. If you can please give me an example of sentence in every tenses (in english and her traduction at frensh) for an easly understanding.

I'll really appreciate your responses.


il y a 2 ans

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I think this is what you're looking for:

Use the menu on the left to choose the tense, all the conjugation is there with examples as well. Also, there are mane online tools for conjugation where you enter a verb and see all the tenses (but no examples there).

il y a 2 ans

Thank you

il y a 2 ans
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