"Sen şimdi nereye gideceksin?"

Translation:Where will you go now?

October 23, 2015

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"Sen şimdi nereye gideceksin?" Translation: Where are you going to go now?


Where are you going to now?

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Gideceksin = you will go. Şimdi gideceksin = you will go now. Will you go now = şimdi gidecek misin. However, nereye turns a statement into a question şimdi nereye gideceksin = where will you go (to) now. In English, the (to) makes no difference, but for the sake of nere(ye) you add the to for direction.




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Nereye = to where. So why not ''Where will you go TO now?''


Because in English, "where" can mean not only "in or at what place" (sense 1) but also "to what place" (sense 5): http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/where , especially in combination with "go" - so "Where are you going?" is the usual question.

(There is an old word "whither" which specifically means "where to" which could also be used in this connection, but it is all but forgotten.)

So English speakers often have difficulty knowing when to translate "where" as "nerede (wo, kie, ...)" and when as "nereye (wohin, kien, ...").


What you state is not incorrect. The ye in nereye gives you the impression that you are trying to get somewhere. In other words you are not there (nerede). This is why nereye is just where, as opposed to where to. Unless, off course, you are using a one-liner 'nereye!' = where?,which I am sure is occassionally used in Turkish when one is familiar with another.


Is where will you be going to now wrong? And if so, why? :)


It has a very similar meaning, but it is not precisely the translation of the given sentence. In Turkish "where will you be going to now?" would be "Şimdi nereye gidiyor olacaksın(ız)?".


Could it be: Sen şimdi nereye gidiyorceksin?


"Gidiyorceksin" is incorrect as you've put two different tense endings together. "Sen şimdi nereye gideceksin"? ("Where are you going to go now"?) Sen şimdi nereye gidiyorsun? ("Where are you going now"?)


i mean how to make (the future and the -ing form) together


Why isn't this "Where will you go now?"


If the past tense 'gideceksin' is used, could the translation be "Now where did you go? 'Where will you go' implies a future tense.


"Gideceksin" is most definitely future tense, not past tense.


Danika, Thank you. I realised my mistake, that we were doing the future tense, after I had finished the lesson, but did not know how to go back to edit/delete it.

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