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  5. "Il est quinze heures."

"Il est quinze heures."

Translation:It is three p.m.

January 6, 2013



There is nothing unusual or wrong about "Il est quinze heures." The French often use 24-hour time so this is simply "It is three p.m." It's not just military time and it's not a challenging mathematical problem. Take it as an opportunity to learn something about the culture surrounding the language you are learning.


After getting a parking ticket in Montreal because I messed up the time limit, I made it a point to learn 24-hour time.

I do appreciate that you don't have to specify whether it's a.m./p.m. in French, and avoid any confusion that way.


Is it just me or does anyone else find that your statements though they routinely begin as helpful tend to end on a somewhat condescending/confrontational note.


I didn't read it in that tone at all. It sounded like a how a college professor would explain it to me.


Think that proves more than disproves my arguement - but, I will let it go.


Well as long as it's just me :D


Merck beaucoup !


can't i say "it is 15 hours" as for a duration?


You can say "fifteen hundred hours" as the time, and be understood by many English speakers. This phrasing originated with the armed forces.


Yes, you CAN say it's 15 hours. I just answered with that. French often uses 24-hour time, as does science. But there are not 2,400 hours in a day, so let's leave the hundreds of hours with the military, and stick with fifteen hours for 3 p.m.


I don't think so. "Il est quinze heures" is like saying "it's 3 PM" with "il" in the phrase referring to the time of day. I may be wrong though


can it be "it is 15 o'clock"?


They do say 15 hours in military time, but if you want to use o'clock you would have to say 3 o'clock. The clock only goes to 12 and then goes back to 1 doesn't it? 3pm would be as precise as 15 hours.


no, but you can say "it is fifteen hundred hours" if you want to be very specific. though that is only used in military lingo. otherwise, in english there's only 3 o'clock


Also, if you wanted to write it numerically it would be 1500 (without the colon)


No milllatary time if 12 p.m Plus 3 equal 15 but you say 3 p.m


I say this myself, but i'm not sure if it is a recognized standard. 3 o'clock or 15 o'clock is the same to me. In context you don't need the pm.


You really wouldn't say 15 o'clock (in the UK anyway). It is 3 o'clock or 3pm. In general we write 15:00 but we don't use it in spoken English unlike the French.


I said 3:00 and I was counted wrong. Why?


that would be 3:00 hours, or 3:00 a.m. you'd have to write 3:00 p.m. to get it right in 12-hour time. 24-hour time is much easier; you don't get morning and afternoon mixed up. As an amateur astronomer, I've used 24-hour time for about 40 years, and now I'm finding myself less willing to translate to olde-fashioned time for my work colleagues. More so, since we all use 24-hour time on the time sheets at work.


Bit disgruntled that '15h00' wasn't accepted, given that that is the format that is used almost universally across France.


The problem I have is they do European/metric translations for some things and imperial for other. There is no consistency. I think I'm going to go back to buzz as it's more European friendly.


why is "3 pm" wrong, i.e. with a space between 3 and pm? What's the difference between 3pm and 3 (space) pm?


It doesn't look wrong to me. Report it!


It is wrong. It should be 3 p.m. - with the periods.


Definitely no full stops. Duo, don't believe the dictionary, we've moved on. Not 'It is 3 p.m.', but 'It is 3 pm'.


For those in the millitary, the quinze would literally translate into english. Otherwise, for you normal people, it's three post meridiem :)


It is three o'clock PM - is wrong? maybe my English is worse than my French, it's possible :)


three o'clock p.m. in lower case with the periods should work, though I don't know. 15 hours is so much less work. :)


why can you not say "3 oclock"? is there something in this that is time specific to am or pm?


"3 o'clock" is the proper spelling and it is not specific to am or pm.


i know that 3 o'clock is not specific, but the question "Il est quinze heures" i was wondering if that was specific or not, like how I would know it is 3 pm or am. Is it because it is saying 15 hours, as in military time?


"Trois heures" is not specific = 3am or 3pm

"Quinze heures" is specific = 3pm


Trois heures IS specific (to me, at least). It means 3:00 a.m. in fahrenheit. :)


It is three o'clock in the afternoon is not correct because?


Why it does not accept 24 hours format for answer? Not all use 12 hours format here.


It does accept 24-hour format. My answer was "It's 15 hours" and that was acceptable to the owl.

And yes, I'm a fanatic for 24-hour time. It's the PROPER way to do things. Merci, France!


Isn't the way they type it actually "15h"? how is that counted wrong


We can abbreviate "quinze heures" to "15h" or "15h00". However, if you write "15h", the computer-checker will not know if you can write and say it properly.


Military/24 hour time helped me on this one ;)


quinze is not 'three' as the correction states!


When it comes to the time it is, "quinze heures" is "three in the afternoon".


why not three o'clock?


I think they use military time

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