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  5. "Unser Haus ist bunt."

"Unser Haus ist bunt."

Translation:Our house is colorful.

October 23, 2015



Why not unseres haus


That would be the case if there would be a noun ("buntes Haus" would be a case of strong inflection for nouns https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutsche_Deklination#Starke_Deklination_der_Adjektive ), but "unser" is a pronoun, hence the declination is different, cf. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutsche_Deklination#Pronomen

[deactivated user]

    still confuse why unserES is not used here?!

    It is "Das Haus", hence it would be logical to use unserES. Right?


    Here, we have nomitive declaration for Neutral noun (Haus). In this case, we use unser. unseres is for genitive that we will see later on. Please check the declaration of article unser: https://www.verbformen.com/declension/articles/?w=unser

    If you want to use another phrase with the same meaning, you can say "unser buntes Haus" = "Our colorful house" . In this case, we still have nominative, so we still use unser but bunt changes to buntes. To be more detailed, that happens because the adjective bunt follows the article unser and the gender is not clear by the article. Unser is used for masculine and neutrals. So you change the adjective ending in -es.

    The same would happen if there were no article at all: "Buntes Haus".


    when to use " bunt " and " buntes" ?


    Das Haus ist bunt.-The house is colorful.

    Das ist ein buntes Haus.-That is a colorful house.

    Das Pferd ist bunt-Das ist ein buntes Pferd.... :)


    Is there a more complex translation of this word than colored/colorful?


    Surely that would be "unser Haus hat viele Farben" or something like that.


    No, that makes no sense in German. A house cannot "be" a colour, it can only "have" a colour: Unser Haus hat viele Farben would work.


    I just tried multi-colored and was marked wrong. (Jan 2016)


    Report it with the report button.


    That makes me think of the song from the 1969 Pippi Langstrumpf. "Ich hab' ein Haus, ein kunterbuntes Haus, ein Äffchen und ein Pferd, die schauen dort zum Fenster raus." Villa Villekulla. :) I wonder though what the difference is between kunterbunt and just bunt.


    I said "Our house is multicolored" and was marked wrong.


    Report it with the report button.


    According to wiktionary the German synonyms are "mehrfarbig, vielfarbig" and accordingly the English meaning is given as "multi-colored; colorful; variegated"


    I tried with "variegated" and it doesn't work.


    Then report the question so the staff can fix it.

    [deactivated user]

      shouldn't it be UnserE?


      No, because "Haus" is not a feminine noun.


      Neither plural. "Unsere Häuser sind bunt" = "Our houses are colorful" "Unsere Katze ist bunt" = "Our cat is colorful"


      Why is coloured "wrong"? It is the first translation given in a woerterbuch and a dictionary.


      Because "bunt" means having several different colours, while "coloured" can mean having a single colour.


      I had two of these in a row. I am sure the first voice stated 'Unser Haus ist Bunte,' the 2nd stated "Unser Haus ist Bunt" which is it?


      "Our house is multi-colored' was not accepted. What do you think?


      In the uk colorful is spelt colourful, the first spelling is the american way also in the uk its grey and usa say gray.


      And both spellings are accepted by Duolingo.

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