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  5. "Svømmer hun hundre meter?"

"Svømmer hun hundre meter?"

Translation:Is she swimming a hundred meters?

October 24, 2015



Can't understand what is the difference between the correct one "Does she swim 100 meters" and my answer "Does she swim hundred meters", which is incorrect according to Duolingo.


I am far from being an expert linguist (taking this course makes me realize how little I understand my own language!), but I think you would have needed to reply as "one hundred" or "a hundred". That sounds more natural to me.


Thanks a lot for the hint, sometimes it's hard for me to get where the error since my English is also far from perfect :)


Actually, I answered "Does she swim the hundred meter" and it was marked incorrect. Context is so hard in some of these sentences!


Is this just a "hey, how long of a distance is she swimming" or is this specific to racing/your specialty in racing. In (American) English, "Is she swimming THE 100 meters" would imply that that's "her" race/specialty (as opposed to the 50 meters, or 1,000 meters or... Just curious ;-)


That would be "Svømmer hun hundremeteren?", so the above sentence is just asking how long of a distance she's swimming.


I wrote «hundred meters» and got it wrong. 100 was accepted instead of hundred... you should accept both.


You would have to write 'a hundred' or 'one hundred' meters if you're going to spell it out, otherwise, that's ungrammatical in English.


Can someone clarify why 'hundre meter' translates to 'a hundred meters' and not 'the hundred meters'?


See above. There is no 'the' in the Norwegian part. "That would be "Svømmer hun hundremeteren?", "


I am just wondering... why is "Is she swimming hundred meters" not acceptable? Shouldn't "a hundred meters" be "en hundre meter"?

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