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  5. "Det kommer en ny versjon."

"Det kommer en ny versjon."

Translation:There is a new version coming.

October 24, 2015



Do Norwegians prefer to say it like this rather than "En ny versjon kommer"?


Yes, there are few things we love more than to start our sentences with "Det".


Well that and brunost.


I've noticed while seeing a Norwegian show! "Det" everywhere.

But it's fine, if a little unusual, to start the sentence with the subject directly?


In some cases it's perfectly fine, sometimes it may even sound a bit poetic, but in others again it will sound less than natural. This sentence would fall into the latter category for me.

We do put the subject first when it's definite: "Den nye versjonen kommer."

PS: As with so many other things, this is less strict in spoken Norwegian, as you can often use your intonation to make up for unorthodox sentence structures. However, starting sentences like the above with "Det" is still the most common by far.


So, long story short, it depends, just like in Englisg.

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