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[Bug?] Weakest words not given in practice

Right now, my Vocabulary sorted by strength looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/VcpHTo5.png (after that all words are marked with 4 bars).

I did a few "Lesson practice" sessions and nothing changed to these words that are shown on top. I didn't get "cámara" or "secadora" or any other of the words with 3 bars.

Is there any reason why Duolingo does not make me practice words that it considers to be the weakest? Could it be a bug with these specific words?

November 16, 2013



This is another case of a display bug in the vocab page. I made a few changes last week to improve things, but clearly it still has problems. Both "cámara" and "secadora" are at about 85% and so should display with 4 bars.


Although I can appreciate the usefulness of these golden thingies. I think it is far easier to just replace the golden thingies and display numbers (e.g. 85%) at least in the vocabulary section. This patch up you're attempting to do is welcome, but as a person knowledgeable in the field of programming I suggest sticking to the basics until you solve the display problem, or at least offer the user a chance to show text rather than golden bars.

Sometimes simplicity has its perks.


The problem isn't converting 85% to a certain number of bars... it actually has to do with some underlying changes over time in the way we represent your knowledge of all the different forms/aspects of a word... making an 85% word appear to the vocab page as 72% (or something like that).


I can appreciate that, sounds like some complex maths are in play. I shall not even pretend to even guess how they work. But from your description, it seems like that the problem is in aggregating the result and presenting the average. It sounds rather interesting, I always think of a programming problem as if it were a jigsaw puzzle, slowly fitting the pieces into their slots.

If I may suggest yet another naive solution, wouldn't it be simpler to just ungroup these words and show their word strength separately?

It is sometimes useful to see the difficulty we have in a particular form, for example, I know for a fact I have certainly more than 200 mistakes in the use of the words," à , en" in French. Yet the vocabulary section probably shows it as strong.


Thank you, tatou! I hope this will be fixed eventually :-)

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