Help Me!!!!

I am having some real trouble with the future tense, can anyone help me out?

3 years ago


[deactivated user]

    Really easy, you need to take the infinitive, for example "aimer" and put the ending.

    They are always -ai -as -a -ons -ez -ont


    Tu aimeras

    Il aimera

    Nous aimerons

    Vous aimerez

    Ils aimeront

    The verbs who finish by eter or eler like "appeler" or "acheter" double their consonant.

    Appeler -> appellerai appelleras appellera

    Acheter -> achèterai achèteras achètera

    There are some exeptions like "aller", "être" and "avoir".

    Aller - ir - irai, iras, ira

    Etre - ser - serai seras sera

    Avoir - aur - aurai auras aura

    I hope it helped you !

    3 years ago

    Ah yes I see; thank you!

    3 years ago
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