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"Where will they watch a movie on Tuesday?"

Translation:Де вони будуть дивитися фільм у вівторок?

October 24, 2015



Why doesn't this follow the accusative case since дивитися is an action verb and фільм is the direct object?

Shouldn't it be дивитися філму?


It does


It might be "фільм" in accusative because it's a loan word, which sometimes follow their own patterns...


It's not true. Accusative of "фільм" is "фільм" not because it's a loanword (how about фільму and фільмом?..), but because it's inanimate and masculine.

Inanimate masculine and neutral nouns have Accusative = Nominative.

E.g. Я люблю торт (торт is inanimate, does not change form), Я люблю кота (cat is animate, has "-а" in Accusative)


Why not будут дивлятися?


Conjugation in Ukrainian gets tricky for some words. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find decent online conjugation tool. But try this for some other verbs


[deactivated user]

    де вони дивитимуться фільм у вівторок? is correct answer, but not in duolingo

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