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"We are walking towards there."

Translation:Şuraya doğru yürüyoruz.

October 24, 2015



what is the role of 'doğru' here?


Yes, but doesn't the "-a" ending at the end of "Şuraya" indicate that we are going 'to' there? Does the word "doğru" strengthen it?


"doğru" means "straight" or "direct". I think it is here in the sentence to strengthen the meaning as you said.


Can anyone in the know give some input on this. I also have the same question.


What is the difference between oraya och suraya?


It's a matter of proximity, though of course it becomes a bit fuzzy when to change from o to şu. I think of oraya = 'there, across the city' as compared to şuraya = 'there, across the room'


Okay, that makes sense. Thank you for the clarification!


they are similar.


‘buraya’ = “toward me (the speaker)” ‘şuraya’ = “toward you (the listener)” ‘oraya’ = “toward her|him|them or some other place”


I think "We are walking that way." would still be a correct translation? That would be more natural English. Then you could also use it in the reverse course.


I agree that the English translation here is clunky and never would be said. "Walking that way", however, indicates a route whereas "toward there" may indicate a particular destination (whatever "there" happens to be).


Ah thanks, so might "We are walking there" or "We are walking straight there" be a better translation of "Şuraya doğru yürüyoruz."?


"We're walking there" is said, but you would be stressing either the walking part (we're walking and not driving or taking a taxi or a bus) or the place you're going (we're walking there).

I think the Turkish sentence doesn't translate very well literally, so you need to say "we're walking that way" or "we're walking over there".


i wrote bizim oraya doğru yürüyoruz and it was marked wrong and corrected to oraya doğru yürüyoruz why is writing bizim wrong


Bizim???(bizim=our) Why did you add that for If you you want to say "we" you should go with "biz"

Biz oraya doğru yürüyoruz


"We are walking towards there." Translation: Şuraya doğru yürüyoruz.

Şura - this place, that place. Selcen_Ozturk (miss) said this means - doğru = towards.

yürüyoruz - we are walking.

"We are walking towards there" - Equivalent English translation.

Or: "We are walking towards this place." "We are walking towards that place." "Şura"- Please always check the meaning of the "root" word (nominative case) Before any suffix is added. I use an Oxford Turkish dictionary for Turkish word definitions.

ChristianL298842 - I have answered this topic question on your behalf & am very sorry that a MOD was unable to.



"We are walking towards there." Translation: Şuraya doğru yürüyoruz.


Oraya yürüyoruz--> was marked wrong

I mean "doğru" is optional. ...is it not??

Reporting !


Good morning Nana

"We are walking towards there." Translation: Şuraya doğru yürüyoruz.

As "towards" is in the English question then "doğru" would be in the Turkish translation answer. I do not have an alternative word in Turkish for towards. Please report your concerns to the MODS as you have done so. Kind regards.


Why is it mistake to write: Biz şuraya dogru yuruyoruz?


TataKarbel PLUS


"We are walking towards there." Translation: Şuraya doğru yürüyoruz.

Why is it mistake to write: Biz şuraya dogru yuruyoruz?

Your answer is correct. You may have been penalised for spelling errors?

dogru - Wrong spelling.

doğru - Correct spelling.

yuruyoruz - Wrong spelling.

yürüyoruz. - Correct spelling.

Thank you.


Dogu east, dogru there

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