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  5. "Har han jordbæret?"

"Har han jordbæret?"

Translation:Does he have the strawberry?

October 24, 2015



A dark and damp warehouse. Two groups of sinister-looking men wearing suits approach. Two of them carry a suitcase. They meet in the middle and exchange stiff handshakes. The atmosphere is tense. Everyone knows the other side is packing guns.

"I have the money," a man says and raises a suitcase for a second. Then he points at his counterpart. "Does he have the strawberry?"


This reminds of "Yo puedo servir esa fresa" from the Spanish module. Ten thousand people, maybe more, have commented on that one. I wonder if our friend jordbæret will be able to rise to such heights.


Not if I can help it. ;)


Oh Lynn, give it a chance. Maybe the next version will include raspberries or pineapples (as in Portuguese module)! 2Dec17


My ear hears a K on the second word. So I thought the word was kom or kan


How large is the difference between han and hun?


as large as the difference between he and she in English


In terms of pronunciation - I keep hearing han as hun


it's difficult to describe pronunciation using text...han has more "ahh" to it and hun has more "u" it, very nearly like "u" at the end of "who". Sometimes it's helpful to for example to open http://lexin.udir.no/ -> Bokmålsordbok on two tabs and enter han in one tab and hun in the other. Then click on the speaker icon of each to directly compare them. I think it's something you get more used to with practise.


wait isn't he is a third person singular? it should be "he has the strawberry" right? or am I wrong?

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