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Learn Danish on Netflix

If you have Netflix, and are trying to learn Danish, watch the TV show Rita! It is in Danish, and there are subtitles in 4 different languages, including English and Danish. It is about a promiscuous and... Random school teacher. I'm not really learning Danish right now, but my Swedish is basic enough that in understood some basics!

I don't know if this is just in the USA, and I could not find Any recent discussions on this post. I am at the sixth episode and I am actually enjoying it!

October 24, 2015


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I love this show so much! I am almost done with the third season, and will be so sad when it is over. Great recommendation!

It's also cool because I understood almost no Danish when I started watching, and now I catch a fair number of words. I'm planning to try watching it again when I finish, leaving the subtitles off.

October 25, 2015


Here's a catalogue of movies/series on Netflix with good subtitles, sorted by language: http://languagelearningwithnetflix.com/catalogue.html

Also, here's a free extension that adds bilingual subs, pop-up dictionary, and improved playback control: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lln-language-learning-wit/hoombieeljmmljlkjmnheibnpciblicm

December 12, 2018


They have the series on the UK Netflix too, but unfortunately there are no Danish subtitles available. (But they do have German/Dutch/French... which seems a little odd :P) I'm definitely going to give this a watch when I get better at audio comprehension, though - thanks for the recommendation! ^.^

October 24, 2015


You are welcome! Hope you enjoy it!

October 24, 2015


Watched all of season one on Netflix a while back (in USA), and started on season two. Pretty good, lots of spoken Danish to feed your brain (though I admit just following the subtitles most of the time).

October 24, 2015


Thanks for the tip. I watched episode one and will continue. It's great to listen to Danish.

October 25, 2015


My favorite is Lars Von Trier's "The Kingdom" (Riget), it is a bit grotesque, but brilliant. It is on sidereel.com (last time I checked)

October 26, 2015


It looks like the show The Rain on Netflix is also in Danish and it looks very post-apocalyptic!

July 22, 2018


Thanks! I've been looking for Danish shows on Netflix and had had very little luck until now.

November 23, 2018
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