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"Damen har en fin kjole seg."

Translation:The lady has a nice dress on.

October 24, 2015



Why won't it accept "dame" in the English version? I wanted to pretend I was a noir detective...


"Dame is a noble title and the female equivalent of the honour of knighthood in the British honours system and the systems of several other countries such as Australia and New Zealand."



It was also used in the sense of "lady", though archaic, or "woman" in general, especially in noir fiction (see senses 2 and 4 here https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dame#Noun ). Cf. movie title "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For"", or read anything by Raymond Chandler (" She had the utterly disdainful expression of a dame who makes her dates by long distance."…)


Ah, but "lady" itself used to be the female equivalent to the rank of "lord"


'dame' is even used in casual language for a woman these days.. but I can see why that solution wouldn't be accepted here. I think the vagueness, slang and double meanings in English can cause problems when learning a second language. Probably better to stick to the "official" meanings.


Is ending the sentence with "herself" really a mistake?


You would never say that in English.


Why can't we use "wears" instead of "has on"?

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