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"I would not have changed anything."

Translation:Jeg ville ikke ha endret noe.

October 24, 2015



Wouldn't "hadde" worked as well as "ville" here? It being outright wrong is a bit strange...


"I had not have changed anything" sounds different to me.


Yeah, but "ville" can be closer to wanted, while "hadde" is more of a definitive action, and they're used pretty interchangably in sentences like this I think... So ville makes it closer to "I would not want to change anything" while hadde is more "I WOULD NOT change anything" if that makes sense..?


The sentence is "I would not have changed anything", not "I would not change anything". I think "Jeg hadde ikke ha endret noe" sounds weird as well...


Hva om ' Jeg ville ikke ha BYTTET noe ?

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