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"Mi esposo es un abogado responsable."

Translation:My husband is a responsible lawyer.

November 16, 2013



My husband is an oxymoron


Which part of a man saying his husband is a responsible lawyer is a joke to you? The gay inference or the inference that lawyers can be responsible, or both?

Note: My clip is a man speaking.


Hah.. responsible lawyer.. I laughed out loud.

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LOL, you guys are so cynical!


We're into fiction now then!


Whenever something goes wrong, he is held responsible


Once again, in Hiberno-English and British-English it should be 'solicitor' accepted for abogado. One practices as either a solicitor or a barrister, with an attorney being a solicitor. Can we please get this added.


I tried solicitor today (20.2.15) and it wasn't accepted - couldn't report it though as I was on a timed practice.


how come "advocate" is a wrong translation?


Although lawyers are (usually, but not always) advocates, one can be an advocate without being a lawyer.


No, its the other way around. A lawyer is a term for either a 'Barrister' (in Hiberno-English and British-English) or a 'Solicitor'. So you can be a barrister without being a solicitor, or a solicitor without being a barrister, as is the case in split common law, but usuall not both at the same time, and whichever you are an american would call you a 'lawyer'.


No, I understand that. It basically depends on the legal system of the place. I'm a lawyer, but we have no "barristers" here. And our "solicitors" refers to officers of a particular government office only.

The question, however, was about the term "advocate" which is not limited to lawyers. (e.g. "She is an advocate of breast-feeding.")


I don't know if this changes anything RE the original question, but in Scotland lawyers with higher rights of audience (known as barristers in England & Wales) are called "advocates" not barristers. Advocate is an acceptable synonym for lawyer even though it has a wider use beyond the legal system. DL accepts "padre" for priest, even though it can also mean father, so I don't see why it would be a problem that "advocate" also has a non-industry-specific meaning.


i think it should be accepted as well


i suspect most lawyers wives say that!


And yet again i say Duolingo should ask for your gender.(I'm a dude)


For almost every evil in the country, a lawyer is responsible.


And he'll responsibly sue your pants off.


Better call Saul..


In English "English" not US English abogado is solicitor not lawyer


I guess DL wants to drive me to give up. Well, I never thought I could learn Spanish, I am too old anyway. I kept at it though for a couple years, almost not missing a day of practice. Recently I I have not been able to keep a streak going for too long due to DL not allowing the choice of choosing the correct answer. That does not speak well for DL. I am very disappointed. I did not waste my time though. I live in a retirement home with many Spanish speaking neighbors and I can now understand a little, and speak a little. And practice gave me something to do everyday. I hope someone reads this and can commiserate with me in my experience. Goodbye and thanks.


Never miss a chance to brag, do you.


For a second I thought my husband was a responsible abuelo (grandfather).


I used husband for esposo in an earlier exercise and was marked wrong (!). They wanted me to use spouse...


Is it intentional for a man to be speaking about his husband? I guess Duolingo is pretty progressive.

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