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"You should have gone to church on Sunday."

Translation:Du skulle ha gått i kirken på søndag.

October 24, 2015



But people who go to church on Sundays "går i kirken".

Roughly speaking, "gå til kirken" means "walk to the [physical location of the] church", while "gå i kirken" means "attend church service" (or similar).


I came to ask about this! I was wondering why people go på kino but i kirken :) thanks for pre-emptively answering


You're welcome! I find that one of the most frustrating parts about learning a new language is making sense of the prepositions. They are often arbitrarily chosen, often differ wildly between languages and can often bear a lot of meaning -- like in this example. I guess the only good solution is just memorizing and internalizing the different uses.


Kirka, I believe, references"the church," but the article is indefinite in the exercise.

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