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"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Translation:God jul og godt nyttår!

October 24, 2015



Language nuance: 'godt nyttår' refers to the transition period between December and January, while 'godt nytt år' refers to the entire year to come.

However, in practice, Norwegians use them interchangeably and this slight difference is of no significance.


Is "Glad jul" a common phrase or an acceptable phrase? I thought for years that that's what you say in Norwegian.


"Glade jul" is a Christmas hymn, but no: Norwegians say "God jul".

According to this [ http://tux.aftenposten.no/spraak/spraak?action=questionid=2184 ] language related column in Norway's largest newspaper, the rule used to be "God jul" before Christmas and "Gledelig jul" during Christmas.

However, that is archaic and these days most people use only "God jul".

[deactivated user]

    Many actually say "fortsatt God Jul" during Christmas (i "romjula").

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