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  5. "Io non cucino senz'olio."

"Io non cucino senz'olio."

Translation:I do not cook without oil.

November 16, 2013



it was impossible to pronounce and i gave up/ i tried like 20 times... but it was recognising just senza olio... but i was trying to pronounce senz'olio exactly like the programme


Same here. I'm pretty sure I achieved an acceptable pronunciation of "senz'olio", but the system won't accept it. It's a bug.


would it be right to say "Io non cucino senza olio"


Isn't the rule that you put an apostrophe if the following word begins with a vowel?


Yes, I'm pretty sure that is correct. You would also take off the vowel from whatever the preceding word is, in this case, "senz'olio" as opposed to "senza olio." Maybe I am wrong, as shown by Nitram, but I think this is a consistent rule. Keep in mind though one, that most of us are learning, and two, that google could be wrong.


The reason why "senza olio" is not correct for the "type what you hear" exercise is that she ACTUALLY SAYS "senz'olio", which is why on that specific exercise it doesn't accept "senza olio" (despite the latter also being correct.) And our task to to write exactly what she says. Hope that helps.


There are different tasks. Mine was to pronounce. Been doing so, more or less for 60 years. Duo doesn't recognize the senz'olio pronunciation.


in my opinion, "senza olio" even sounds better than "senz'olio".


I tried that to. Did not work


I had to do a microphone test with this and it just wouldn't recognize it. Must be a bug. More generally though I am confused when and when not to use a contraction. It seems that sometimes a vowel gets dropped when in other cases it does not. Are there any clear cut rules or does it all come down to euphony? Please does anyone know? A Google search for many variations of the same question yielded no answers. I am hoping my luck will be different here! Please help!


I thought that a double negative emphasizes the negative in Italian e.g. 'Io non ho niente' means 'I have nothing' (not 'I don't have nothing'). Does this not apply to 'senza'?


So the Italian senz' is basically the English sans? Cool.


No. We stole it fair and square. Sans is English. The French word is spelled the same but pronounced quite differently.


The french forced it on you by norman conquest*


Its only correct if you connect them. These romance languages dont like glottal attacks like at the beginning of "olio". Its the same in frenh and everywhere, its not as smooth to the ear, thats why you put the apostrophe. Plus its too easy to get stuck on these tiny details here. The fact is, NOBODY talks like this "senza olio" in real life youre never going to hear it or say it. Its just part of the culture


Non cucino senza fuoco.


After this, I think it's time to learn Italian profanities


I never have trouble pronouncing the rest of the sentence, but I have yet to pronounce senz'olio the way they want. It is so frustrating.


I cannot understand what I do wrong,!!! Senz'olio is obviously impossible to get wright....


Sono 'io cuocio' ed 'io cucino', si o no, e se non perché?


I agree with others. I get an error no matter how closely I pronounce this phase to the audio version.


sounds like some southern chef......


It's impossible. Can you fix it?


Customer : You used so much oil, so the U.S want to invade the plate.


The pronunciation does not recognise senz'olio


Anche quando cuochi dei fiocchi d'avena?


Didnt recognize me either ;-(


Yes. It does not hear the senz'olio part no matter what


Finally, it recognized, "senz'olio."

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