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[bug] compound nouns shown with a '+' symbol, and translation not showing

Some compound words in the vocabulary list are shown with a '+' symbol in the middle (For example, "Schlafzimmer" is shown as "schlaf+zimmer") both in the column "Word" and the column "Form"

When I hover over those words to see the translation, the tooltip does not appear (only the small dark grey triangle where the tooltip should appear). See the red rectangle in the following screenshot:


This happens to me in the skill "Household" of the "from English to German course", (in the "view full vocabulary" page)

In the skill "Food" it does not happen: The '+' is only present in the column "word" and the translation tooltip does appear.

http://imgur.com/IQlYgLD http://imgur.com/zlYWYH5

I don't think it is browser dependant but so you know I am using Chrome 31.0.1650.57 m

Please confirm that these bug reports are at least seen, and have a nice day!

November 16, 2013


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