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Meine Obsession mit Duolingo!

Hello everyone,

Guten Tag!

Let me introduce myself. I am Ravi Agrawal, pursuing MBA from SIBM. I got an opportunity to go for an exchange program and then wanted to learn German. One of my friends suggested this site and it has been 17 days since then. I have not missed a day of practice.

Some saturdays, I take it so seriously that I forget everything else. Almost forgot my exams too. Its such a wonderful experience to be here and to be amongst all of you. Thank you so much for keeping it a lively atmosphere.

I recently paid tribute to Virendra Sehwag (he is the only Indian batsman to score 300+ runs in Test cricket, who recently announced retirement from International cricket) by scoring 330 xps in a day.

I hope to see all of you doing great in your pursuits! May this platform help all of us to achieve new heights! :D

October 25, 2015



Be careful, it is addictive!


Yes, Language Hopper. It indeed is.


Mr. Rabbit, just how many languages do you speak :O


That's why one should follow the white rabbit :)


Salticide, you remind me of Neo. :)


Thanks for your very nice post. I too look forward to Duolingo every day. I wish you all the best.


tomorrow, you complete the streak year! Wow. Raisinnoir, you are an inspiration! :D


How very kind of you. But I am following in the footsteps of so many others.


it can be rather addictive.


Congrats on your Year Streak!!


Haha wait you are level 8 with only 17 days being on the tree? Hah man you are so fast. Keep it going but be careful not to forget everything; not just passing by the tree with the speed of light.


Weil ich schnell? Actually I also registered for A1 level exam with Goethe on 6th Novembre. The next exam was 2 months later. So it was now or never. ;)


I think you can do it. I already passed A1 last year and it was sooo easy. And back then I didn't even know about Duolingo. If I had Duolingo my life would be so much easier :D


Weil ich schnell bin

You forgot your verb, there. :)

Congratulations on the rapid progress, by the way- keep at it, and don't forget to review your learning!


Guten tag! ich auch, ich habe ein Obsession mit Duolingo! Good luck for your German exam and in learning German!


Guten Tag! Its nice to know that. 21 days streak makes you four days older than me. Dankeshün :)


Oh! I just realised that haha oh right, does dankeshün (danke schön?) means thank you very much?


I am not sure about dankeshün. Germans use it colloquially.


While talking about "obsession", it's better to take the word "Besessenheit"- good luck with your German studies!


Ja. Ich zustimmen. Danke!


You doing great! Catch a friendly lingot))


Danke lynx-89. Ich mag diese Interface.


Guten tag! I am also learning right from the beginning and really enjoying it! My daughter took the Spanish course to support the school and she is amazed about this. And she is finally enjoying her Spanish! (She is fifteen and takes the course in English as there is no Finnish or Swedish option, so I am very proud of her)

Keep up the good work!



Die Frau ist schön. Ich mag diesen youtube channel. Danke! :)


good luck with the exam......


Hallo, Guten Tag! I get obsessed to!


Welcome to Duo and congratulations on your new addiction! Duo and German are awesome. You came at a great time. About three weeks ago the German tree was changed massively so people like me who had finished it got to find out we now had about 1/3 of a tree to do still. Duo broke up levels and added a lot more content which makes German even better. You will work through the tree without noticing a change. I have to feel like I'm drowning in German and put my Italian on hold to get my German tree golden again. You're very lucky you came after the change and so don't have to put another language on hold.


Danke. Ja, es ist "blessing in disguise!"


Wow, how do you have a 1904 day streak????!!!


Ja, es macht süchtig


Great work and congratulations. I like when you used "urf" in your username.


Danke schon equals thank you beautifully, beautiful thanks. Vielen Dank equals many thanks. Just one of the ways Germans say thank you.


I feel the same way. Been here for 7 days :) Take some Lingot :)


dankeshün. I can empathise with you :)


Guten Tag! I, too, share the obsession, especially after getting my first owl (in Spanish). Yesterday I ordered a German cookbook and today I made sauerkraut.

By the way, is the Goethe test only available in Europe? Is there some sort of certification program for those of us in the U.S.?


The Goethe Institut has a few locations that give the test in the US. See http://www.goethe.de/ins/us/lp/net/enindex.htm The universities listed there often only offer the tests to their own students, but the Goethe Institut locations are open to all.


Danke! It looks like there is one somewhat near me. Something to work toward!


Good luck! There is a lot you can learn here :-)


Awesome strike for 290 days! You deserve some encourage to go further, I have only lingots, so here it is)


Danke. Although I do have to say, anybody with a 290 day streak does not have a problem with Lingots. ;-)

I actually started Duolingo 290 days ago. There were a couple of days where my streak freeze came in handy, but I've taken Duo on a Disneyland trip and everything.


I also have a plenty of lingots, just use them as a small presents. There aren't many things you can buy on them.


Danke BrookeLorren! :D


Hallo! Ich liebe Duolino auch! It's awesome! :D


Ich glaube du meinst" "Eben!" "Doch" is what you say when you disagree.

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