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  5. "With me or with Duo."

"With me or with Duo."

Translation:Benimle veya Duo ile.

October 25, 2015



Why is the suffix form not possible with Duo?


because Duo ends with a vowel :)


Yes, just as Laura said, it is a vowel buffer that is used when the noun ends in a vowel. It is also used with all the other cases.


Hm, I forgot that. I thought the buffer y always devides two vowels. But for the buffer y after cases one vovel at the end of the case is enough, correct?


Is it wrong if i say benimle yoksa duo ile ?


You would have to use the question particles in this case.


How come in some cases -li (peynirli) is used whilst in other cases -le is used (benimle). Terribly sorry, I imagine it's a really simple answer....


They are two different grammers 1) "la/le" means with/and 2) li/lı/lü/lu is sort of like the "y" we add in English to transform a noun into an adjective Peynir means cheese Peynirli means cheesy Peynirle with cheese To illustrate more Sütle pasta yerim (here you eat cake and drink milk with it - cake and glass of milk) Sütlü pasta yerim (you eat milky cake / cake with milk inside it/ cake made with milk) I hope this is clear in any way


Oh, that´s a very helpful explaination. Thank you.


why is it not 'benimle' and 'Duoylu' is it because names have 'ile' instead off the suffix?


The instrumental case takes the 2-way vowel harmony:

(a, ı, o, u -> a) and (e, i, ö, ü -> e)

You can't have 'Duoylu'. It is either -(y)la or -(y)le. Following the rule you have 'Duoyla'.

Do not confuse instrumental case with the “with” or “without” whereas the suffixes are -lI and -sIz, which follow the 4-way vowel harmony.

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