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I don't want to permit camera access, but want to permit the mic

If i activate the mic from the settings, does it still gain access to my camera as well?

January 6, 2013


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Ideally the security settings would be separated, but I assure you that we don't access your camera. Maybe in a future version of our flash applet we can only request audio access.


This is a shame, I just subscribed to Duolinguo and tested a german course, I love the principle. But then I want to autorise my mic because that makes sense and I see the little light of my webcam being on. That's creepy, there's just no way I will allow that and you can't expect people to trust you just because you say you don't access it.


just cover the camera lens in duct tape.


I agree...this is very creepy! There is no reason whatsoever that Duolingo would need access to our camera! I do keep a sticky note over my camera but just the idea that they are accessing it is a problem. I am very sad because I was enjoying the program! Adios....

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I can appreciate you not trusting companies. I'll again reinforce that we don't access your camera, and that using the microphone is not necessary to completing lessons (although you're missing out on an important part of language learning). You should try out our mobile apps, as they have support for microphone recordings without access to your camera.


I teach language myself and would not consider learning a language without being able to actually speak it. I don't use smartphones, I like the comfort of my PC :) Thank you for taking time to answer me though.

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