"According to the law this woman must take this child home."

Translation:Yasaya göre bu kadın bu çocuğu eve götürmeli.

October 25, 2015

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Is there a reason why this would have to be "bu çocuğu eve" and not "eve bu çocuğu"? I understand that the emphasis of the sentence is different depending on the order, but I am trying to figure out if this is just a missing alternative.


"Eve götürmek" can be considered as a compound verb group (take something home). In contrary to English, the object generally does not placed in between the compound verb groups in Turkish. And, if it does, that means there is an emphasis on that part.

For example; "bulaşık yıkamak" (to wash the dishes) can be considered as compound verb. The following two sentence have different meanings.

"Yeni bulaşıkları yıkadım." → "I washed the new dishes"

"Bulaşıkları yeni yıkadım." → "I just washed the dishes."

As for your sentence, "eve bu çocuğu götürmek" could imply that there might be another kid(s) but the woman is allowed to take this child home according to the law.


Harika bir açıklama, teşekkürler.


Compound verbs keep sneaking up on me! Teşekkürler, alibektas!


You are welcome. :)


Can someone please breakdown götürmeli for me please?


götür- : from götürmek meaning 'to take' -meli : meaning must/should with the third person singular ending (which is nothing)


What is the difference between yasa and kanun? Is kanun more archaic?


"According to the law this woman must take this child home." Translation: Yasaya göre bu kadın bu çocuğu eve götürmeli.


Yasalara göre bu kadın bu çocuğu eve götürmeli.

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