Tree 2.0

A step closer according to the latest update

so that's super exciting.

October 25, 2015


Hmmm, what does Tree 2.0 mean for those who have already finished the tree? And what does it mean for those that are half-way through when Tree 2.0 is finished?

It means all the lessons you completed will still be completed, but skills will have moved around and there will likely be more skills to finish. And yes, if you've already already finished 1.0, you'll have to earn your golden owl again. ;)

Bonege! Mi jam entuziasme atendas ...

Can I put in a plea for skills to be more numerous with fewer lessons? I don't know if I have expressed that very clearly. I think it's purely a psychological (possibly lazy...) thing, but I know some of the skills towards the end of the tree with ten lessons seemed to take forever.

I'm reminded purely because I'm attempting to fill in the gaps on my new German tree before attempting to move on to later skills, and I remembered what a great feeling it is to finish skills left right and centre. For some reason, one ten lesson skill feels way more of a chore than two or three smaller skills.

Anyway, obviously it's up to you guys to make these decisions, but I figured it was best to ask on the off chance at the beginning than wait till 2.0 comes out and then wish I'd said something ;)

Very excited for 2.0, I'm guessing we'll have to wait a while but it'll be great once it arrives. I'm finding it weirdly satisfying to plug the holes in my German tree, and I am pretty sure I'm much better at (and I am decidedly more excited for :p) Esperanto ;)

Will Tree 2.0 have any of the features of the more mature course (e.g. Spanish), such as listening to your speech?

Amuzulo, do you know if the tree 2.0 will include more recorded sentences/listening exercises? Is it something that could be combined with the Spanish course as well? Also will the words tab be added at some point do you think?

I imagine that the structure of the course for the Spanish version will be quite similar - I know that (prior to the recent updated tree) the Russian > German and English > German trees were more or less identical in layout. I mean, I can't promise they were exactly the same the whole way down, but I did notice the similarity, and checked, because I was interested to see if they were the same.

(I'm assuming/hoping that eventually the German tree 2.0 will be implemented from Russian, too, having proved successful with English speaking students.)

I could imagine there possibly being a need to revise the structure of a tree if one was teaching from a wildly different language, but my guess is that for Spanish, the EO side of the tree will remain very similar to/the same as the English one - or possibly will be built alongside EO 2.0, and might be the same as the highly anticipated new English > Esperanto tree :)

(Not a developer, but just my experience with regard to doing German from two different languages.)

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