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I'm a Norwegian... How do I get a full score on my Norwegian tree?

Should I "practice" every single day, just to get to level 18 or whatever the last level is? Yeah, I know it doesn't really matter that much, but it is my native language, and the placement test only took me to level 6 or 7, even though I scored perfectly. Does anyone know how to jump to the final level, or if it's even possible?

October 25, 2015



Fellow Norwegian here, I took the placement test just for fun once and ended up towards the end of the tree. I can't remember what level, though, but probably around the same as you. It would be too easy to get an owl/finish the tree just through the placement test, so I think it puts you somewhere near the end and you have to go from there. Where you get placed is about proficiency in the language, but the level is more about how many XPs you've earned on Duo. Like Alec said, you have to earn the XPs required to get to level 25, so that will take some time. It does not say that you don't know the language, though! I'm obviously way better in Norwegian than I'm in French, but that isn't really reflected in the levels I have. Don't worry about it, get to level 25, or just put "I'M A NATIVE NORWEGIAN" in your bio ;)


Unfortunately, the only way to get to level 25, is through hard work.


Is 25 the last level?


I hate hard work. Bah.


Test out of everything

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