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  5. "Die Tür ist aus Stahl."

"Die Tür ist aus Stahl."

Translation:The door is made of steel.

October 25, 2015



Am I the only one who finds "the door is of steel" to be less correct in English than the more common, "the door is steel"?


Nope, you're not. I'm reporting it.


They updated the translation to : made of steel...


SuperTur: Door of steel

[deactivated user]

    Earlier, I answerd "The jacket is made of cotton" (or maybe is made of wool.) OK said Duo that is right but "The jacket is cotton" is also correct, so I tried that one this time but now "The door is steel." is rejected. Oh dear, why?


    Why "Die Tuer ist aus Stahl" is accepted without typo notice?


    ue is the usual way to write ü when for some reason Umlaute are not avaiable. Also ae = ä and oe = ö.


    I look for the translation of the word 'steel" from English to German, and I just found "stehlen", and when I look for the German word "Stahl" to translate to English what a found is "stole", may you explain me this.


    "Stehlen" means "to steal"-- perhaps you mistyped it?

    "Stahl" is the preterite form of "stehlen," hence "stole." If you typed "stahl" as lowercase, that is probably why you got this entry; capital "Stahl" should give you the metal.

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