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"The waiters work in the restaurant."

Translation:Servitørene jobber i restauranten.

October 25, 2015



So "arbeide" is paired with "på" and "jobbe" is paired with "i"?


Is there a difference between arbeider and jobber?


I have seen it said elsewhere by native speakers that the two are interchangeable, although arbeider is slightly more formal and jobber tends to be used by younger speakers.


Could you also say "på restauranten"?


Yes, but it would be better to use the indefinite with 'på' in that case: "på restaurant".

Keep in mind that 'i' is still the preferred sentence here, and 'i' and 'på' aren't usually interchangeable.


Does it work, like in English, that means place more of in a form ofan institution or a concept and i just a place? Like you can be at school even if it's a third world under a bridge and in school meaning in a school building? (my English told me that teaching prepositions in English, sorry if it doesn't make much sense)


It does make sense in English, not sure about Norwegian.


what is "kelnerne"?


Right? Up to this point, the word for waiter was "servitør". Duo does this sometimes: introducing a new alternative word by marking incorrect what you were just taught.

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