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Worksheets collaboration

Good morning!

I was wondering if there is a place where teachers would be able to post material they have made for a particular level or language? Would it be possible to put a forum or resource section in the dashboard in the future as I know many school boards would require paper/pencil practice and marks as well. I bet there would be teachers who would love to get together like the contributors of language courses to make printable materials for each course.

October 25, 2015



Sounds like a great idea! Sharing through Google Docs is an excellent tool. I have not created anything yet, however I do plan on using vocabulary from Duolingo lessons to assess my students on what they have acquired. Additional form of assessment.


Hello! We do not have a place to host that type of material, but I think it is such a cool idea. I believe the best way to get this started with what we have is to post links on this thread (as well as ideas for printables). If this turns out to be something people are in to and a forum thread is somehow not enough, we could think of other solutions. :] Do you have ideas or any companion worksheets you've created already?


I don't currently as I am just exploring the program myself and am on leave but I would love to work with others on it or have a collective once I have exerimented with worksheets. Once I have some I will post them here. Age of students need to be taken into account as well as the level which the the student is working on which would make using a thread difficult if we would not be able to search for age or level appropriate work (assuming there would be numerous submissions). Our education board has partnered with Google which makes sharing documents online with the same platform so much simpler.

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