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Basque for your trip: Lesson 1 - say hello and introduce yourself

If you ever decide to take a trip to the Basque country, it would be useful to learn a bit of Basque so you can communicate with the locals, especially in more rural areas. I will teach you some useful phrases so you can get by in Basque. I have made these lessons for English speakers, but there are also Spanish translations as well. I want to focus on vocabulary and phrases since you don't really want to stress about grammar on a trip or holiday, right?

Lesson 1: Say hello and introduce yourself (For anyone that doesn't know 'X' is pronounced something like 'ch')

kaixo! ~ hello!/ hola!

agur! ~ goodbye!/ adiós!

bai! ~ yes!/ sí!

ez! ~ no!/ no!

egun on ~ good morning/ buenos días

arratsalde on ~ good afternoon/evening - buenas tardes

gau on ~ good night/ buenas noches

gero arte ~ see you later/ hasta luego

mesedez ~ please/ por favor

eskerrik asko ~ thank you/ gracias

ez horregatik ~ you're welcome/ de nada

zer moduz? ~ how are you?/ cómo estás?

oso ondo, eskerrik asko ~ well, thanks/ bien, gracias

nola deitzen zara? ~ What is your name?/ Cómo te llamas?

___ naiz~ my name is - / me llamo -

barkatu ~ sorry/ disculpe

ez dakit euskaraz hitz egiten ~ I don't speak Basque/ yo no hablo euskera

ez dut ulertzen ~ I don't understand/ no entiendo

At the end of every lesson, I will put a photo of something in the Basque country. Here is a photo of Donostia/San Sebastian:

It looks like a bit like Rio De Janeiro, doesn't it?

October 25, 2015



One of the few non indo-european languages... Still fighting for their country.

Good list!!


Correction, one of the few non indo-european languages in Europe, and the only language in Europe that has no relatives and is classified by itself (Finnish, Hungarian, and Estonian are Uralic). But yeah, I would like to see them gain independence from Spain. It would probably incourage the teaching of the Basque language more.


Are there other phrases you would find useful or you would like me to add to this list? (as long as it relates to the lesson title!)


Eskarrik asko! I'm looking forward to get the next lesson! Gero arte!


I'm posting the next lesson soon. In about half an hour.


Eskerrik asko! Basque has always been of interest to me. Thanks for sharing!

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