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  5. "They read our letters."

"They read our letters."

Translation:Ellos leen nuestras cartas.

January 6, 2013

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From studyspanish.com, "Possessive adjectives agree with the nouns they modify. That is, they agree with the thing possessed, not the possessor." This means that it doesn't matter if "our" means "our one letter that we wrote together" or "these several letters that we wrote individually." Instead, you must look at whether it is "carta" or "cartas." Therefore, "They read our letters" is the correct translation of "Ellos leen nuestras cartas," and "They read our letter" is the correct translation of "Ellos leen nuestra carta."

Hope that helps.


thanks that makes it much clearer


nuestras cartas . Both are femine plural. The other options do not match. [this is my understanding thus far]


Yep. The only other option is to say "nuestra carta" when it is a singular. But you're right.


Ddd7 is right. Only one works the 'nuestros' assumes that cartas is masculine - which it isn't. So, everything as it should be.


So the gender of the word at the END of a sentence (or nearest the end of a sentence) determines the gender of the referring word.

Is that correct?


The subject of the sentence can be either male or female, however the object in Spanish can be either fem or mal. the subject does not determine if the object is male or female.


In our case the object is the word "cartas"


Why are they reading our mail.


Only the last one is correct. "nuestras" is plural like "cartas", while the singular form would have been "nuestra carta".


Follow the subject :D Cartas (which is plural) are the subject therefore instead of nuestra (which is singular) we use nuestras (which is plural). Follow the subject of the statement. Who or what are we talking about. :D Yea?


cartas is not the subject. They is the subject


The sentence that I had said "Ellos" as the subject,or Ellas, but the direct object "cartas" was fem and plural. so # 1 & 2 are correct.


According to both my teachers here in Spain, Ellos/Ellas 'They' can be feminine or masculine, and does not need to match any ensuing possessed noun!!


Just had these two sentences in a row:

Ellos son nuestros lĂ­deres. Ellos leen nuestras cartas.

...Yep, sounds about right!


Quite a tricky choices.. 1 - Ellos leen nuestras cartas. 2 - Ellas leen nuestras cartas. 3 - Ellos leen nuestros cartas.

Do i need to choose all three? Cuz i chose 2 and 3... and was wrong...


efasser- the third answer is wrong : cartas is feminine. nuestras cartas the first and the sec ond were the right answers


why is it incorrect to say "cartas de nuestras"?


b.c.- because in English, it would be : letters of our, no sense.


How does one say "letters of ours" then? (which does make sense)


don't understand why "ellos leen nuestros cartas" is wrong.....Is that the "carta" is fem so other words should be fem also?


Cartas is feminine and plural, so nuestras must also be feminine and plural.


Ellos leen nuestros cartas is not correct? why??


Just as everyone has said in this discussion, you have a mismatch. The direct object 'cartas' is feminine and the possessive adjective must match the direct object and therefore you must us the feminine 'nuestras'. You used the masculine possessive adjective with a feminine object and therefore you created a mismatch. Some others here have made some really good explanations. Go back and read from the top. If you still don't get it, do a google search.


ellos leen nuestras cartas. is the -as in nuestras for cartas because i the the -as or -os depended on the gender of the "our" and since we dont know i was taught to assume masculine, if it wasnt clearly defined


why is ellas NOT ellos? What's difference between these two words used in the sentences?


Ellas is for a group of females (They, the girls), ellos is for a group of males or males and females (They, the men/boys/people).


In this case "ellos leen nuestras cartas" would be also correct if the ones who do it are all men or a mixed group. Nonetheless, it wasn't in these options, so "ellas leen nuestras cartas" is the answer.


"they read" can be translated both as "ellos leen" and "ellas leen". Nevertheless, the first answer has been treated as a mistake in the test question. Why?


I don't know. In my options there wasn't "ellos leen nuestras cartas" which would be also correct.


They?...Uhhh thats kind of creepy


i dont understand why it would be Ellas leen nuestrats cartas


kala_stevens- Without context, they, can be tranlated by masculine or feminine


Www.spanishdict.com is a good site to learn and its free


Explain why when I put nuestros instead of nuestras, it was wrong...


Just read the other comments, I think it has been explained a million times here... (because "carta" is feminine).


Seems odd still. Letters is feminine, I get that, but "our" could be men talking about their letters and unknown gender usually defaults to males. Just seems like "our" should be masculine unless females are talking. Like two men saying "these are our daughters" the daughters are feminine, but ours should a possessive indicating the speaker's gender. Ya feel me? Just one of those odd things about spanish ill have to ignore.


Maybe it helps, if you think about how you would write it with definite article; then you would (should) also use the feminine article: Ellas (or ellos, doesn't matter) leen las cartas. Or if you'd use an adjective to further describe the letters: it would also be in the feminine form: Ellas leen nuestras cartas rojas. (Don't try to find the sense of red letters.) Or: It's just a thing you must accept, I'm afraid :)

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