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  5. "Nos vimos en las reuniones."

"Nos vimos en las reuniones."

Translation:We saw each other at the meetings.

January 6, 2013



I understand the verb here is the reflexive "verse", meaning " to meet" or "to get together", and not "ver" = "to see". So "nos vimos" = "we met".


verse = to see each other (reciprocal verb)


A "reunion" is a meeting for business purposes, a "cita" is usually for appointments, and "mitin," for those of you who didn't know it, has the purpose of expressly indicating a political purpose for a congregation of people. The word "reunion" in English is a special kind of event where people who haven't seen each other for a long time get together. It can be former university colleagues, former business associates, but it is especially family members, including aunts, uncles, cousins, and other associated kin who get together and have a picnic, or a "merienda campestre," and spend time catching up on the events of each other's lives.

However, I have a small issue with the use of the definite article "the" as being mandatory. In regular use in business we say "at meetings," which is to talk about customary and habitual actions or practices that occur therein.


Clyde, where does the word junta fit into this? Gracias.


'Junta' is sometimes used for meetings (as well as for 'board') but 'reuni'on' is more common.


I often read in the local Spanish-language newspaper about the junta directiva - the managing board.


Is there any way that dictionary hints could be more lesson specific? If we cannot use "reunion" as a correct answer, why include it as a hint? Especially when the word is the same in both languages.


I put "reunions" too, and it was accepted. When you put something that is right, and it gets rejected, report it. I've had about seven of my suggested additions included now.


It is counted as correct. But it's obviously not the meaning of the sentence. We rarely talk about multiple reunions and often talk about multiple meetings.


I got dinged for using "one another" instead of "each other." I reported it.

"Each other" and "one another" are equivalent in modern English.

I was taught that "each other" refers to two people (or ring-tailed lemurs or whatever), and "one another" to a group of three or more, but that distinction has disappeared in general use.

In this example, we don't know how many people are involved, so either answer is correct, even if you follow the old rule.

There are many, many sources on the Web to back me up. Here's one:



Also dinged and reported 21 April 2014.


I know it's not the best translation, but shouldn't "we see ourselves in the meetings" also be correct?


I'm wondering this too. If this sentence's translation is "we see each other" then how do you say "we see ourselves?"


Surely 'reunions' cannot be wrong.


'reunions' is a meeting after a period of separation, the Spanish sentence doesn't mean that, it should e something like 'Nos vimos en el reencuentro' but it is obvious that we saw in the reunion, so it would be a sentence with out.use.


Everybody's topic of discussion is "reunions" but what about "vimos" every option hinted at watching or seeing. I was dinged for not using "met"


"Saw" worked for me?


It would be ideal to teach us the use of the word before needing to use it in a sentence, especially if such word (reunion) seems like the obvious answer given the previous subtext of feelings and sensations


I agree with that, i am doing the german lessons and some translations are a lottery


That's not how this learning style works. You learn through the mistakes/misunderstandings, you guess and seek out whether you were right or not and try to do better next time. That's what makes it stick.


How would I say "We were seen at the meetings"? (DL did not accept this translation)


I simply could not make out the last word. Had to skip just to find out what it was. I wish DL had better audio.


Why not "in the meetings"?


Where is the each other word here?


I put "in the meetings" and was marked wrong


"we met at the meetings " wrong. Why?


Ver should be translated as "to see", usually. "To meet" would be, well, reunirse.

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