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i can not open new lessons for a week

Hi i have been studying french, but i can not open new lessons, i finished the same lesson over and over in Basics2 and phrases with full hearths but the lessons are still unlocked. What is the problem with my tree?

November 16, 2013



Hey! Did your internet connection change recently or are you behind a proxy? That would explain what you're experiencing.


No, but i use a n android tablet pc an android phone and a laptop. I do my study in three of them. I dont use any proxy.


What kind of internet connection do you have?


A home adsl wifi connection and sometimes i use 3g of my phone? Is it possible something wrong with my connection? What should i do?


So you don't have a satellite connection? Is this happening with all of your devices?


I have the same problem with all my devices, i uninstalled the app and install ed again. The same :(


I did the test out part in basic2 and it opened the lessons with the help of my luck. Now i can go back and study the lessons in basic2. But i dont think i can do the same in next parts. Please find a way.


i don´t know i have the same problem :/


I've had the same problem, in basics lesson 4, and it won't say I completed it (when I did)


I have the same problem; can't move on to next lesson - all are grayed out. Using android phone and tablet on home wi-fi connection.


I am having this same problem with Spanish - Abstract Objects lesson 6. I have completed it several times, but Duolingo will not allow me to go to lesson 7.


Same issue here, cannot move past the two very first lessons...

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