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  5. "Was ist mit diesem Mädchen?"

"Was ist mit diesem Mädchen?"

Translation:What is with this girl?

January 6, 2013



I have a question regarding the pronunciation of "ä" in Mädchen. Should it sound "e" as in "bell" or "i" as in "tip" or "ee" as in "feet". I always pronounce it something between an "e" and "i" in English, but the automatic narrator made me think ...


The typical german pronunciation of 'ä' is actually unknown to english, IIRC. Round, opened mouth and a voice comming from the throat. 'e' as in 'bell' will do just fine. Edit: Actually, a little exaggerated, it sounds like gargling without the water.


diesem vs. diesen...i'm still not quite sure of the difference between these two


diesem: Dativ for maskulin and neutrum

diesen: Akkusativ for maskulin and dativ for plural

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