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  5. "Ihr Gebot ist sehr hoch."

"Ihr Gebot ist sehr hoch."

Translation:Her offer is very high.

October 26, 2015



I don't see why this can't also translate as "Their bid is very high."


It does have that meaning, too.


Ich bin keine Deutsche, aber ich verstehe nicht , warum die Übersetzung "YOUR offer is very high" nicht angenommen wird? IHR am Anfang des Satzes (also mit großem Buchstaben geschrieben) kann doch "your" oder "their" oder "her" bedeuten, oder!!?


Ja, alle drei sind richtig!


Why not "Ihr Angebot ist sehr hoch."? Does this mean something different from the sentence Duo gave?


An "Angebot" can mean almost anything. As in English you can offer to walk the dogs or buy their car. But if they accept your offer to buy their car, you are asked to make a specific offer: 500 or 1.000 €. This last offer can only be translated as "Gebot".


Does anyone know the difference between Angebot and Gebot?


With the caveat that I'm no native speaker, I do have an idea that may help. I see "Angebot" used all over the place on advertisements, banners, and e-mails used to mean that something is "on sale."

Consider that the prefix, "An-" which commonly means "on," is their only difference.

I suggest that "Angebot" is used when goods are "on offer" for sale, whereas "Gebot" may be used for a formal "offer," something found in business and financial transactions.


when listening to this sentence, i cannot tell "ihr" from "er". how can you hear this difference?


I find that "Er" sounds like "air" and "Ihr" sounds like "EAR"... sometimes when they talk fast you might miss it; but that's how it's supposed to sound.


your guess is right


Just learnt this one recently. Er sounds very similar to the english 'air'. Ihr, to me, sounds like 'i-e-r' - hard to translate that one into text....


They are both long vowels but sound very different:

Ihr - i:r Er - e:ɐ

The above is scribed in IPA (more info https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Phonetic_Alphabet)

You might find spending some time with the vowel chart and listening to different words with each vowel scribed in IPA useful to hear more clearly the differences (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_German_phonology)


Is there a distinction between Gebot and Bieten ?


Gebot (noun) bid, bieten (verb) to bid


I typed in "Sein Gebot ist sehr hoch" and got it wrong because I was supposed to type "Ihr Gebot ist sehr hoch." Why does Ihr have to be there and not Sein?


"sein" is the possessive for masculine and neuter (his, its) while "ihr" is the possessive for feminine (her).


Should it also accept "Your offer is too high"? For a formal "you"?


"theirs" doesn't work in this sentence. You can say "Their offer".

As an answer to "Whose offer?" you could say "theirs"


Is so high different from very high? SMH


Yes, just like English: so high = so hoch ; very high = sehr hoch

Sometimes, of course, the meanings are pretty fluid, but there are these different ways to express the different words.


Her offer is so high, i wrote, but it was not accepted


I think we might be getting confuse with bid and offer here


Angebot wäre doch hier richtig

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