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  5. "Bir tencere makarna"

"Bir tencere makarna"

Translation:A pot of pasta

October 26, 2015



"A pasta pot" would just swap tencere and makarna? (ie. Bir makarna tencere )


+si. In that case, both words are nouns, so the second one needs a possessive suffix:

Bir makarna tencereS─░.


But this way they are both nouns too. How do we know there is supposed to be an "of" in the sentence? Is it just simply because there is no possessive?


In the case of "bir tencere makarna", the "bir tencere" takes the role of an adjective of quantity. It's no different than saying: "1 kg makarna". You just define the quantity in terms of tencere's. And adjectives don't trigger a possessive on the noun they're affecting.


This "of" to indicate quantity is present in English but absent in many other languages. In German you would also simply say "a pot pasta" ...


You would say "Ein Topf Nudeln" oder "Ein Topf mit Nudeln"

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