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"Kronprinsen er en voksen mann."

Translation:The crown prince is an adult man.

October 26, 2015



You grew up in a republic. A monarchical society can be a democracy too, as is Norway, as a matter of fact


Yes, you have a point. My bad. I just wish I could understand the reason for the existence of what -in my ignorant point of view-, is an obsolete institution.


Your view is shared by many who still have a monarchy, do not worry


Fun fact: vokse comes from the same Germanic root as the English verb "to wax" meaning to grow (a waxing moon, to wax great, etc.).


Why does not accept "the crown prince is a grown ass man?". No, seriously, I grow up in a democracy, what's the difference between a "prince" and a "crown prince"?


Crown prince is the man who will become king when the current king dies. (In other words the direct male heir to the throne.) His brothers are 'just' princes


why isn't heir apparent is acceptable


heir (apparent) = arving; kronprinsen = crown prince


"Heir apparent" could simply be the eldest son of a wealthy man to inherit his estates. This sentence speaks of royalty.


Shouldn't it be 'the crowned prince'? It makes more sense to me that way.


"Crowned" would mean the prince has already been coronated, in which case he would no longer be a prince, but the king.

"Crown prince" is correct, because it is a title. In this instance it is perfectly fine that both words are in their noun form.


Ja, det er han. Haakon er nesten 47 år gammel.

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