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Basque for your trip: Lesson 2 ~ Traveling and accommodation

If you ever decide to take a trip to the Basque country, it would be useful to learn a bit of Basque so you can communicate with the locals, especially in more rural areas. I will teach you some useful phrases so you can get by in Basque. I have made these lessons for English speakers, but there are also Spanish translations as well. I want to focus on vocabulary and phrases since you don't really want to stress about grammar on a trip or holiday, right?

Lesson 2 ~ Traveling and accommodation

garraioak ~ transport/ transporte

metroa ~ metro/ metro

tranbia ~ tram/ tranvía

autobusa ~ bus/ autobús

taxi ~ taxi/ taxi

trena ~ train/ tren

zenbat balio du ___ -ra joateko txartelak ~ how much is a ticket to _ ?/ cuánto cuesta un billete a _ ?

txartel bat ___ - ra, mesedez ~ I'd like a ticket to _ / deme un billete a _

nora doa tren/ autobus hau? ~ where does this train/bus go? / a dónde va este tren/ autobús?

noiz irtengo da ___ -ra doan trena? ~ what time does the train to _ leave?/ cuándo sale el tren a _ ?

___ - ra, mesedez ~ take me to _ , please/ lléveme a _, por favor

zein da metroaren ordutegia ~ what's the metro timetable?/ cuál es el horario del metro?

ostatua ~ accommodation/ alojamiento

hotela ~ hotel/ hotel

gazte - aterpetxea ~ youth hostel/ albergue juvenil

gela librerik al duzu? ~ are there any rooms available?/ tiene habitaciones disponibles?

zenbat balio du gelak? ~ how much does a room cost?/ cuánto cuesta una habitación?

___ gau emango d(it)ut ~ I'll be staying for _ night(s)/ Me quedaré por _ noche(s)

gosaria ere barne dago? ~ is breakfast included?/ está incluido el desayuno?

mesedez, esnatuko nauzue ___ e(t)an? can you wake me up at _ ?/ me puede despertar a las _ ?

maletak gordetzeko lekurik al dago? ~ is there anywhere to store luggage?/ tiene un lugar para guardar las maletas?

There's a lot to take in! If you didn't see some words that should be here like 'airport', that is because they will be in the next lesson: directions. Here are a few photos of the Metro Bilbao since it's relevant:

One thing unique to the Metro Bilbao is the entrance to each station. It's called a fosteritoa.

Here is what the inside looks like:

You might be able to see the three ringed logo on the front of the train and on a pole just above the fosteritoa.

If you missed the previous lessons, you can get them here: Lesson 1 ~ Say hello and introduce yourself

Look out for the next lesson tomorrow: getting directions!

October 26, 2015



Ezkerrik asko, metroa oso interesgarria da.


Thank you so much Alec737 for this! =)


No problem! I'm glad you like it:)

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