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  5. "Achtung, nein!"

"Achtung, nein!"

Translation:Careful, no!

January 6, 2013



I'm a native German speaker and think that in this example 'Achtung! Nein!' could be meant as if someone is in a dangerous situation and an outsider is telling them to watch out/be carefull/pay attention and then exclaiming in dismay, or telling them to stop what they are doing


It just needs a bit more emphasis I'd say


Achtung can be mean watch out or careful (another word for "vorsicht") depends on the context. This example here makes no sense to me.

If you use "Achtung" with the soldiers and grenades it means "attention"

I am a native German Speaker. Learning German for English speaker, because after the placement test there were only 4 lessons of the English class for German speakers left.


Now, there's a German word we need!


They use this word on WWII comics, like when there is a granade exploding near a german soldier they shout "ACHTUNG!". I think achtung is more like "eatch out" rather than "careful"


I think it's more like "Attention!"


So many questions. Why the negation? Are we being told not to be careful, or is this in reference to someone or something that is not careful? Is it even possible to make a whole sentence using multiple interjections? Has the phrase "Careful, no!" ever been said in the history of English?


Maybe it's a conversation and one person is making a dangerous and incorrect assumption. "So we should attack the Ferengi?" "Careful, no. The Ferengi may be involved in this but, for the right profit, they can be a useful 'ally'."

Honestly at this far into the program, I think we can handle translating longer bits of text. I can only see it posing a problem to the mobile version if they want to you choose from a selection of words.


Oh hello fellow Trek fan!


While one is telling the other to be careful, something bad happens?


I would think that should be "Achtung! Nein!"


Some of these sentences really don't flow here. Do they flow better in their German counterparts?


No, they don't. It sounds as stupid in German as in English.


I'd be interested to hear too!


Vorsicht! would be a better word in this context.


could Achtung be translated as take care


Achtung is used before German soldiers command their enemies to surrender


I thought "Hey, no!" was a good English version...

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