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  5. I hope something will be doneā€¦


I hope something will be done about the computer voice....

Soon, because it is abysmal! I get more wrong answers because I simply can't make out what it's saying than for any other reason. I have been doing Duolingo Spanish for months and the voice over there, while not fantastic, is different and much better - so dear Duolingo magicians, I know you can do better and I do hope you will!

January 6, 2013


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We use different programs to render the sound. Please provide feedback about the sentences that you found very difficult to understand.


I have been pointing these out on a regular basis. The worst is that little breathy gasp followed by an almost completely swallowed "un" or "il" - but as you ask, I'll keep commenting.


Hmmmm, that is interesting. Is it based on recordings and then computer-generated? In response to the other comments, I have never had problems understanding her, and her accent seems like a typical northern Italian accent to me. It's true, if you choose to slow it down there are some strange gulping, sighing, and gasping sounds between the words, but still everything is plainly intelligible.


I should have said, the Italian computer voice - thought I was in an Italian discussion but I see I'm not....


I think that many of us have already guessed ....


I agree that the Italian speaker is very hard to understand in many cases.

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