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  5. "Ні, у мене немає машини."

"Ні, у мене немає машини."

Translation:No, I do not have a car.

October 26, 2015



Why can't you say,"Ні, я не маю машини/ авта."? "Немає" with the "є" on the end of "немає" doesn't make any sense! It doesn't even sound right....


I'm not sure about the whole Polish Ukrainian thing, but немає is definitely a word.


I thought машини was cars. Plural. Or add the і? Машини..


After negatives, the genitive form is used. For feminine nouns the (nominative) plural and genitive (singular) usually are spelled the same way, sometimes only the stress is different. So in this sentence машина appears in the genitive form машини after the negative verb немає/нема.

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