Learning from two different languages


I think that there is a little thing that could be improved in current Duolingo platform. I want to learn a language that is only available "from English" (I am fluent in English so I can do it) but I also want to keep learning French from Spanish (my native language)

You can do that but switching between languages is quite involved. You have to click "add a new course" "change language" ....

It would be great to have all the languages you are learning under "learning" in the main menu.


October 26, 2015


For now, you can use this userscript:

October 28, 2015

I have the same problem. On the english version I can see the courses I took from English and from French beside my name (but only those from english on my profile), but it only happens most of the time and the opposite isn't true: when I study from French, I only see my courses from French. What's more, whatever I do, my level in the languages I study from french change on the list beside my name. For example, a '6' can often be seen beside the spanish flag beside my name on comments, even though I'm at level 10.

October 28, 2015

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