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Adding students to classroom/dashboard

I realized too late that I can set up classrooms. I have a couple hours of students create their own accounts and then follow me. Can I move them into a classroom now? Or do they have to create a different account? Please help me navigate from here so I can put them into a classroom where I can monitor their progress easier.

October 26, 2015



I just answered you in the other thread, but I will put the same answer here just in case:

No, you can only move students around if they have accepted your invitation. :] There is some info and step-by step instructions here and also here.

Also, they can accept your invitation with their own account, they do not need to create new accounts. One Duolingo account is all they (and you) need! We're here to help, so any more questions, do not hesitate to ask!


I have a similar question. I have most of my students in a classroom, but I'd like to change them, because I gave some the wrong invitation. Can I do that? I'd like to do that without wasting their time in class, because I only have 30 minutes with them, and some of my younger students don't have e-mail, so it´s a much longer process for them.

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