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Will there be an Icelandic course?

Alternatively, where can I go to learn Icelandic while I wait? I'm Norwegian, if that matters.

October 26, 2015



If you want to start Icelandic, try this website: http://icelandiconline.is/index.html

Do you want physical resources (books) too?


Nah, they won't be free and I'm poor. :P But thanks!


I second using Icelandic Online, I rarely use it because I keep forgetting it exists, if I'm perfectly honest :P, but it's actually really good, and 100% free. I know you said you wouldn't really be interested in books, but I'd recommend Teach Yourself Icelandic (for complete beginners), Colloquial Icelandic (for upper-beginners) and Icelandic Grammar, Texts And Glossary (for intermediate learners) anyway. I'm sure if you look around you'd be able to get them relatively cheaply online, I buy all my language books on eBay and easily stay within my £40-a-month budget :D There are also some good courses on Memrise, but you'll have to hunt a bit to find a decent one that's not just a vocabulary list. *(I've nothing against vocab lists, but they aren't exactly the best if you want to get a feel for grammar :P)

Anyway, good luck with Icelandic! I'd love for there to be a course on here too, I really need a way to practice writing :P Enjoy your studies!


Thank you! I will ^^


Here are several links, collected during the last year. I haven't looked at them in depth so some are probably very shallow, plus they're not in good order (I'm out of time to post this today) other than the French and Russian that I've included are at the end. The non-English links may be useful for audio.

Also I have links for Old Icelandic/Norse and some links to material you can buy, if you are interested.

Have fun with Icelandic. If I ever get through Russian (non Duo) I'd sure like to learn a Scandinavian language, probably Swedish for family reasons, but any would be great, including Old Norse!

[added] This discussion is interesting.


Icelandic would be a nice language to learn, considering how preserved it is and its close relations to Old Norse.


I really hope so! I'd love to learn Icelandic. :)


Another resource is on YouTube, called Cool Icelandic Lessons. Unfortunately, it is only vocab, but it is helpful


I highly recommend reading some of the sagas once you learn the language; I've read translations into English of some of them, but they're meant to be better in the original language, and, due to their age, they're public domain by now.


I've just started learning Icelandic on Memrise! :) I hope one day that Duolingo will add this language to others they have put on here! I LOVE this language! :)


Will there be an Icelandic course? Riktoria

no. not in the next 100 years. (my opinion)

DuoLingo are a business. courses are difficult, exacting and time consuming to develop. much time.

there are about 800,000 DuoLingo customers learning just two television-show languages on DuoLingo. for perspective that is two times more people than their are native icelanders. icelandic children are taught icelandic and english in their schooling. so no real-world need for visitors to learn icelandic beyond, "where is the train station" and "thank-you".

if DuoLingo choose to develop another language, i believe it will be a language to garner the most influx of new subscribers. i believe a j.r.r. tolkien english speakers language. or (....) for (....) speakers; depending on demographic considerations.

the best free resource for learning icelandic i have found is this thread. the links are phenomenal. thank you otsogutxi and especially slogger. cheers!

the best resources for learning icelandic that cost money i have seen are: https://www.verbalplanet.com/ that has face to face teachers. and simply moving to iceland and just start learning.

gæta bless :-)


Að vissu marki, ég get talað sænsku, dönsku, norsku, smá litháísku, pólsku, íslensku, og mjög smá þýsku, rússnesku, spænsku, og svo framvegis. Ég eingöngu tala reiprennandi ensku.

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