"Du hast einen Mann."

Translation:You have a man.

January 6, 2013



Yes, I agree it is confusing. Just to add to this, it is the same with Frau. It means woman as well as wife. No wonder the Germans get confused when speaking English - they often say my woman or my man instead of my wife or my husband!

January 24, 2013

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.....which still makes sense though

February 16, 2013


"der Mann" is "a man" and also "a husband"?

January 6, 2013


Yes. When you attach "Mann" to a person (with a possessive form or as in this sentence), it can also mean "husband". Similarly, "ein Freund" means a male "friend" or a "boyfriend"

January 6, 2013


this is full of tricks

January 15, 2013


I feel that "Der Mann" should only be accepted as "The man" this early in the lesson. How was I supposed to know that "Der Mann" is used for Man and Husband? I also feel like Ehemann should just be used for husband. Less confusion.

January 24, 2013


why we say in this example einen and not ein

March 14, 2013


because you have him - he is an object. So you use the accusative einen.

March 18, 2013
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