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  5. "Ser du mannen i månen?"

"Ser du mannen i månen?"

Translation:Do you see the man in the moon?

October 26, 2015



Does anyone say "man in the moon"? I have never heard it said like that and to me it sounds completely wrong....


What part of the world do you live in? In the southwestern US, we say it that way all the time.


Northern Virginia, about 30 miles southwestish of DC. I don't know, maybe I got confused or something, but I could swear I had never heard "man in the moon" before because I was really confused when I first encountered this sentence and it still sounds wrong to me. But I guess if it is a regional thing it's a relatively unique quirk of my area.


I mean, when said spoken aloud, they don't sound so different. "Man 'n the Moon," like. Could be just a self-affirming misperception


I've only ever heard "the man on the moon"


The man IN the moon is the face or body you can see from Earth in the patterns sculpting the moon.

The man ON the moon is the guy actually on the moon that you would see from here (even though it's impossible to see him with you naked eyes).

Though, the man in the moon is a right way to say it. Please, moderators, don't correct that sentence, I was able to learn something from it. Moreover it is really interesting when Duolingo has tricky little things like that !


I don't know what to tell you...


Isn't that a song...


Shouldn't "on the moon" be accepted too? This wikipedia article uses the "on the moon" phrase, for example.



No, that article isn't referring to the same thing


Men ... månen er laget av ost.


There is a nursery rhyme which goes:

The man in the moon came down too soon and asked the way to Norwich. He went by the south and burned his mouth when eating cold plum porridge.

There are many variations of this.


I agree ...as far as I know it should be " man on the moon "

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