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"She does not understand what I am saying."

Translation:Hun skjønner ikke hva jeg sier.

October 27, 2015



I wrote "Hun forstår ikke det jeg sier" and it was accepted. I think of "det" as "that which."


what is the difference between skjonner and forstar?


Skjønner means she understands or knows, but more in a spiritual way. You can "skjønner" a person.

Forstår is more for skill-like stuff. You "forstår" a language, for example.

In this example, she understands what you say as in...emphasizes.

If you were to use forstår, which could be right in this case, she would understand mentally. Maybe you're talking about how to write a paper, etc.


In the alternate answer, is ei another word for ikke? "Hun forstår ei hva jeg sier." And what's wrong with "forstår ikke"?


Yes, "ei" is a less common variant of "ikke".

Unless you speak one of the few dialects that favour it there is no reason to use it outside of a few set phrases, but it's good to be able to recognise it.

There's nothing wrong with "forstår ikke". :)


Are føstar and skjønner interchangeable?


Not that much. Check my reply above.

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