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  5. "Dad and son"

"Dad and son"

Translation:Тато і син

October 27, 2015



I haven't learned what "й" means yet, and it labels "тато й син" as an answer. Could someone please explain :)? I learned the Cyrillic alphabet already so I know that it is supposed to take the place of diphthongs or something (the example says the "oy" in boy, and the "i" in sigh was another).


Й is just another form of і. Both mean "and", they're only spelt differently to reflect how they're pronounced. After vowels you'll often see й instead of і since it's easier to pronounce it that way. (Btw, you'll see the same alternation with the verb meaning to go. For example: вона йде instead of вона іде. It's just to reflect that the two vowels form a diphthong when spoken quickly instead of being pronounced separately.)


What i do not uderstand this please translate.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When do you use "та"? In the same way as "й," after vowels?


I typed the right thing and they gave me wrong


What was the "right thing?" If you mixed Latin and Cyrillic characters, then it is not allowed.


Could sombody tell me how to type in urcranian????

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