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  5. "Dad and son"

"Dad and son"

Translation:Тато і син

October 27, 2015



I haven't learned what "й" means yet, and it labels "тато й син" as an answer. Could someone please explain :)? I learned the Cyrillic alphabet already so I know that it is supposed to take the place of diphthongs or something (the example says the "oy" in boy, and the "i" in sigh was another).


Й is just another form of і. Both mean "and", they're only spelt differently to reflect how they're pronounced. After vowels you'll often see й instead of і since it's easier to pronounce it that way. (Btw, you'll see the same alternation with the verb meaning to go. For example: вона йде instead of вона іде. It's just to reflect that the two vowels form a diphthong when spoken quickly instead of being pronounced separately.)


What i do not uderstand this please translate.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When do you use "та"? In the same way as "й," after vowels?


I typed the right thing and they gave me wrong


What was the "right thing?" If you mixed Latin and Cyrillic characters, then it is not allowed.


I keep typing the right answer and it keeps telling me Im wrong


Could sombody tell me how to type in urcranian????


I am unable to answer because my keeboard is unable to type certian letters.

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