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  5. "He is healthy as a fish!"

"He is healthy as a fish!"

Translation:Han er frisk som en fisk!

October 27, 2015



I don't understand. Is this a saying because of 'frisk' and 'fisk'? Like the English "healthy as a horse"? :P


In Norway they say "healthy as a fish" instead of "horse"


Yes. I think it's the same type of play on words, the alliteration. Healthy as a Horse and Frisk som en Fisk :)


Yes. "healthy as a horse" is also accepted here.


So, that's why we say, "He's as healthy as a horse." I have wondered that for years because horses are not healthy. I believe they spend their evenings reading medical dictionaries. "Flu. Had it. Measles. Had it. OOOO! Housemaid's knee. I haven't had that yet."


Where do people say "healthy as a horse"? I've never heard it (in NW England).


Funny, because there's a saying in Polish 'Zdrów jak ryba', which is a verbatim equivalent of the Norwegian.


In Italy it is just like in Norway: sano come un pesce!


In English... "Fit as a flea!" (England is a relatively small country!)


In the US, "fit as a fiddle!" :)


In Estonian this phrase is "Healthy as an icicle" (Terve kui purikas)


In Germany it's "fit as a running shoe" (Fit wie ein Turnschuh)


Why doesn't it accept “sunn” instead of “frisk”?


'sunn' worked for me. Are you sure you didn't have a typo? If there is a typo, Duo tends to not accept alternative solutions.


It's probably be because this is a set phrase, that plays on alliteration as described in another comment. You would never hear anyone say "sunn som en fisk" in Norwegian, even though it means approximately the same.


Today he is healthy as a horse, but yesterday he was sick as a dog!

I dag er han frisk som en fisk, men i går var han syk som en/et ____!

Syk som en elg? en hund? en kanin? en elefant?


We don't really say "syk som en" anything. There are lots of expressions with animals, but I can't think of any describing illness. Try "slu som en rev" (devious as a fox), "dum som en stut" (dumb as a bull) or "å gjøre noen en bjørnetjeneste" (to do someone a bear favour - i. e. to mean well trying to help someone, but ending up hurting them instead)


Thanks so much! Those are all good to know but I am especially delighted by "å gjøre noen en bjørnetjeneste." Gotta figure out how to work it into a conversation.

We say someone is sly as a fox or dumb as an ox. You can also be "crazy like a fox," an expression that goes back not quite a century and means what you might expect: to act so crazy that people underestimate you and you can take advantage of them.

Anyway, I can now add a few more items to my Norwegian collection of "Cliches 'r Us." :) Tusen takk!

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